Verelan... rrhuieh... u'lonarai...

.. this is how I play the game.

La'eer Nanclus

Where do I start?

My name is La'eer Nanclus. I was once a member of the Romulan Tal Shiar, but for long winded reasons I have found myself hurled back in time. I think I may also be in an alternate dimension, but I have no way to be sure of that assessment. I know I have been sent here for a reason, possibly by the wormhole aliens that the Bajorans consider to be gods. Or possibly by my own brother. Either way I believe it's my destiny to be here, in the past. But that sort of metaphysical talk doesn't go down well around here, so...

I am currently aboard a vessel classified as the Enterprise EX, commanded by a sexy, powerful and dashing man named Mallos Reed, who claims to be the Emperor of Earth and several aligned planets. I will do my best to get him naked serve his Empire, providing him with anything he wants anything he wants. I have 24th century knowledge and technology that could greatly aid his quest to rule the cosmos, not to mention a body that won't quit that I am willing to surrender give over to him.

So far.....

- My husband is dead. My son could be, too. I worry for his safety, but I have no means with which to rescue him. My best friend, David, keeps assuring me that we will find a way, but I find it difficult to hope...

- I had a voice inside my head. Because I'm nuts I've had a lot of emotional trauma recently, and the emotional centres of my brain have overloaded were in danger of overloading. Creating a sort of 'guide' in the mind is the most common way that the Romulan psyche defends itself against mental illness. The voice was that of my previous lover torturer mentor commander, Grelack. However, now that he has shown up onboard the EX I have to deal with his REAL voice, which is far more annoying than any delusion subconscious voice could ever be. He might hold the key to finding my brother and my son, but that is yet to be shown.

- I've discovered that Mallos' love slave personal assistant and the helmsman of the EX-01, Commander Jonathan Archer, is the spitting image of my brother, Dakkus. The resemblance is quite unnerving. Thankfully, the two men are nothing alike, so I don't get them confused anymore.

- I killed a man named Zabel, by accident, and subsequently took over his job in the armoury. I report to Malcolm Reed, the Emperor's double from the mirror universe. Malcolm is the best boss ever. He's nice and jovial and open to suggestions... not like his 'keeper', Admiral Tucker.

- Admiral Tucker is the chief engineer of the EX-01. He's a total dha'rudh. I can't stand him no matter how good he looks in those pants. But I work for him when I'm not on armoury duty (yes I have two jobs!)... so I have to put up with his paeros. Gods help me.

- Through a telepathic connection made by a sub-dermal implant of my own design and fabrication, I've become best friends with the ship's professional assassin chief steward, a man named David Cunningham. He is a constant source of amazement to me, and our link has helped me enormously by improving my Earth Standard English, teaching me how things work on this ship and helping me feel somewhat sane. He's also highly amusing, and we have a great time joking and carrying on together. OMG! BFE! He has introduced me to an ancient Terran cultural phenomenon called the "Horror Movie", which I love.

Here's what Dave has to say about me:

"My other best friend is a Romulan defector named La'eer Nanclus. She and I have a lot in common namely a professional interest in severe physical and mental torture, and fanatical loyalty to emperorreed, only our interests in the Emperor are a little different. We trade stories, swap professional secrets, and teach each other gambling tricks. I kinda think of us as the interplanetary Bonnie and Clyde. Did I mention we have neural implants so we can hang out ALL the time?"

Since I've been an undercover operative for most of my adult life, I've never been able to have a friendship like the one I have with Dave *sniff*. And not to say that he can't handle himself he is a professional poisoner after all, but let me say that anyone who messes with him is dead.

And it will be far from quick or painless.

*eyes mu_daniels*


OOC, for your reference:

Earth Standard (English) to Rihannsu (Romulan) Dictionary.
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Rihannsu (Romulan) to Earth Standard (English) Dictionary.

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